The Temple Of Prog
24th January 2025 - 2:00 pm
The Brickyard
Age Restrictions: 14+ 14 and 15 year old must be accompanied by an adult


‘What?’ I hear you say… ‘Prog north of Birmingham?’

You’d be surprised, my friends. There are many jewels hidden in the northern wilderness, and now before the very wall of the far north, a full invasion is gathering.

The faithful are building a temple… The Temple of Prog. Five bands shall make a stand.

Like the mystic sage Merlin, Tim O’Connor and his COWFISH send incantations to call forth the pagan warriors of SPRIGGAN MIST… their powerful song conjures the brilliance of THE EMERALD DAWN. The dawn blazes upon the stage, its power stuns all. Then, taking form upon the battlefield, the wild-eyed maenads of EBB send madness to the foe preparing the land for the legendary CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN.

Prepare yourselves… January 24, 2025 The Brickyard, Carlisle.

All true believers stand fast.

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The Brickyard Richmond Hall
14 Fisher St
Carlisle CA3 8RN
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