Entry Policy

The Brickyard are pleased to announce a variation to our entry policy with regards to age restrictions. Entry to the venue will now be available to people of the age 14 and over. We believe that most live music should be available for everyone, however there will be a strict policy in place so please read the information below before buying tickets.

The venue operate a challenge 21 policy on all alcohol sales. Therefore anyone who appears to be under the age of 21 will be asked to produce suitable photographic identification (Driving license/ Passport) to purchase alcohol.

The Brickyard will award each event an age restriction depending on the content, nature and suitability of the contracted show. This will be considered carefully before the event and is non negotiable. Any tickets bought by people below that age will not be refunded so please check before purchasing as there will still be 18 plus events happening at the venue.

People aged 14 and 15 will be allowed into the venue under the supervision of a responsible adult. I.D. may be asked of both parties so please have this available to avoid disappointment. Supervising adults will be permitted to accompany no more than two children and you will have to leave when the live music has finished.

We will permit people of the ages of 16 and 17 into the venue for suitable events (14+ / 16 +). We may ask for I.D. so please have it available to avoid disappointment or embarrassment and you will have to leave when the live music has finished.

We will not tolerate under-age drinking of any kind in the venue. Anyone under the age of 18 who arrives at the venue intoxicated will be refused admission and no ticket refund will be given. We have the right to search on entry so anyone caught trying to bring alcohol into the venue will be refused admission and again, no refund will be given if a ticket has previously been purchased. Any under 18’s caught trying to buy alcohol in the venue will be made to leave without a refund and any adults caught buying minors alcohol will be made to leave and reported to the police, without a refund. Please pay close attention to this simple policy, anyone not adhering to it will be barred from the venue. We aim to offer entertainment to everyone, not a venue for children to get drunk. Our door supervisors will make regular checks to make sure these rules are not being abused.

Only people over the age of 18 will be allowed to leave the venue to smoke. Under 18’s will only be allowed out to leave for the night. There will be no readmission for anyone under 18.

We try our utmost to keep the noise outside the venue down to a minimum as there are people residing near by. If there is a queue, you must join it to the left of the front doors as you look at them. Please respect our neighbours and the environment, and do not leave litter or make excessive noise whilst waiting for entry or leaving the premises, thank you.

Consuming alcohol outside the venue is illegal; we reserve the right to refuse entry to anybody adversely affected.

There is a smoking area to the front of the venue. Please use the smoking bin provided!

We have the right to refuse admission. Anybody acting in an aggressive or threatening manner or is overly intoxicated will not be allowed into the venue. No ticket refunds will be given in these circumstances.

The Brickyard is a standing venue and as such we cannot guarantee the availability of any seating for any of our events. Unfortunately due to the age and structure of the building disabled access is limited – please contact us in advance with any queries.